Life Stages

The earlier you start planning and saving, the better you will be prepared to reach your goals in life. Every stage of your life will focus on differing financial needs and responsibilities. Whether you’re still accumulating wealth, looking to retire, start a family or are somewhere else on your journey, it’s important to have a financial plan that is focused on your particular stage in life.

Our priorities and goals can change as we go through life, as can our circumstances. Working together, we can create a financial plan for all of your life stages.

Young Adults

This could be the time of time where financial planning is a faraway thought. You may be just starting out in your career or finished university. But now could be a good time to think about retirement planning and protection. Planning early means you can take full advantage of the power of compound growth or interest.

Working Years

This life stage can traditionally be one of the most financially challenging, with a partner and dependents to consider. Whatever your goals are; this may be the first time you've started seriously thinking about your future.


You may be thinking about plans to stop working and have made inroads in paying off your mortgage. Your children may also be older and thinking of leaving home. The earlier people start saving for their retirement, the better their position will be later in life.

Later Life

This is the stage in your life where you want to ensure you have enough money without fear of running out. Making sure you don't leave a large tax liability to your family and are covered in the event of needing care.

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