Tax considerations play a vital part in our advice to you. There is a very simple truism here in that any saving you make in tax is an additional and immediate return on your capital. We have connections with a number of tax and accountant professionals and a good proportion of our new clients are introduced via these contacts. It is next to impossible to produce an efficient investment plan without ensuring that maximum advantage is taken of the various tax reliefs and exemptions available to all.

Our tax planning advice will consider:

Income Tax  –

to ensure as far as possible that valuable returns in portfolios are not reduced by penal higher rates of tax, or wasted allowances.

Capital Gains Tax

valuable Capital Gains Tax exemptions are often overlooked or underused to the severe detriment of long term returns on investments.

Inheritance Tax

whenever possible, our planning will include structures that can be effective for accumulated wealth as well as meeting your ongoing income and capital needs.

Some of the above planning will utilise the major tax efficient tools such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s) and Pensions but also extends to more involved planning that might utilise structures such as Family Trusts, Venture Capital Trusts, Enterprise Investment Schemes and Alternative Investment Market (AIM) investments.

Our advisers can help you to build, and manage into the future, a tax efficient financial strategy that will maximise your returns in your lifetime while reducing or, in some cases, eliminating the impact of Inheritance Tax on your Estate on death. In our experience, many clients are not aware of just how large an impact Inheritance Tax might have on their Estates and we will always have conversations with you to outline your options.

If you feel that you might like a review of just how tax efficient you are, or have any questions on how Evans Hart might improve your financial position via the use of tax breaks, please do get in touch.