The London office moved from Cursitor Street in June 2017 to new offices located close by on Fleet Street.

Our new address is: Evans Hart Ltd, No.1 Bell Yard, London WC2A 2JR.
Our telephone number 020 7405 5550 remains unchanged

This is a Grade II listed Italianate building adjacent to the Royal Courts of Justice and opposite the Temple Inns. The building was the Law Courts branch of the Bank of England, built in 1888.  Before that, this was the site of the barber’s shop of the infamous Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett.

The extra space will accommodate our staff as we expand and advise more clients across the South East of England and even further afield.  Cloud computing gives us the capability of working in an efficient and collaborative manner, and strengthens security against cyber threats.

We are committed to independent advice, long-term relationships and value for money for our clients. Over the next couple of years, we are planning to bring in younger equity partners who are committed to the values and ethics of our firm.

Financial Markets

We continue to benefit from extraordinary gains from stockmarkets with typical gains of up to 20% over one year. We advise you to regard these gains as a reserve against possible future downturns.  We know that markets will go down as well as up.  We always advise mitigating these risks by holding a suitable percentage of your investments in bonds.  These will tend to move in the opposite direction to shares in the event of a crisis.

Study Tour of San Francisco Advisory Firms and Conference

I visited half a dozen independent advisory firms in California to seek ideas and to learn best practice.

They follow many of the same approaches to us:-

• Working closely with accountants and attorneys to ensure best tax outcomes

• Planning for benefits of the client’s family as a whole and providing for the next generation

• Taking the emotion and anxiety away from planning for financial wellbeing

• Long term relationship to provide support throughout life

Clients of course want a good return on investment.   Dimensional Fund Advisers hosted a conference for partner advisers throughout the world. They provide funds of $500 billion for advisers’ clients.  We have worked with them for 15 years in order to diversify our portfolios across all world markets.  Their funds have given gains in the top 20% of funds (Top Quintile), across all sectors over 15 years.

I would never say that our investment solution is the only good one, but I can with confidence say that it has delivered value to our clients.

Risk warning: Investments in financial markets may go down as well as up and you may not get back your capital, particularly in the short term. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.  The range of fund offered in the USA may not exactly replicate funds offered in the UK.

Please give us a call with any queries, or wish to discuss anything. We look forward to seeing you at our new office hub.


| Stephen Evans

Managing Director

Financial Planning Checklist

  1. Top-up your ISA (Individual Savings Accounts)
  2. Pension contribution
  3. LISA for those aged 18 to 40,  (Lifetime ISA)
  4. Maximise use of tax allowances
  5. Review wills and make gifts
  6. Lasting Power of Attorney


This year has been a turbulent year in politics with unexpected outcomes in Brexit and the American election. However, investors have enjoyed an extraordinarily good year, especially those who diversified across all world markets with a balanced mix of shares and bonds.

Our typical investor, who is coming up to, or is in retirement, would have seen their portfolio in their pension or ISA grow by about 16% after all costs and fees.  By comparison money in the bank would have earned about 1%. Of course, there are risks to investing and markets may and will go down as well as up. But our investors will at least hold a gain in reserve against any future turbulence in financial markets.

One reason for the good figures for UK investors is the fall in the value of the pound. This makes their overseas holdings greater in sterling terms, but they should remember that the pound is worth less. However, world economies and financial markets have shown positive results, particularly in the USA, Japan, Germany and China. This shows the wisdom for a UK investor to diversify across all the world markets, and with today’s modern technology we can do this cheaply and efficiently.

Our Firm

We have had a successful year with a 25% growth in business by bringing into our firm the clients of two advisors who are semi-retiring in Brentwood and Folkestone. Martin Turbin and Bernard Down will continue to work with us as consultants.

Bernard has given expert advice on wills, trusts, probate and estate planning for over 30 years. He will strengthen our capability and expertise in this area, and help train the other members of our team.

We and our clients together invested over £50,000 into a social investment project, Second Shot Coffee, which trains homeless people to be baristas.   They may then go on to get a permanent job in catering. The coffee shop is close to Bethnal Green station, and you are most welcome to call in for coffee and cakes.

We have moved all of our systems up into the cloud, and that means that colleagues can work flexibly from anywhere, and collaborate in providing a high level of service to our clients.

We all join in wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, and look forward to meeting again in 2016.

Your sincerely,

Stephen Evans | Managing Director

Evans Hart Ltd – Independent Financial Advisers  have gained a place in the Top 100 IFAs in the list published by New Model Adviser, out of a total of about 5,000 firms. The  firm also was noted as one of the top 10 in terms of profitability.

Evans Hart have always re‐invested their profits into building up the firm and investing in training, and using their scale to reduce costs and fees.

‐ New Model Adviser noted that we had supported young people starting their career, and had given assistance to charities working to provide education in Africa.