Some of you may already be looking after your own investments or might have, for example, a variety of investments set up at different times in the past and where you may have lost track of where and who is looking after your money nowadays and how well your funds are being managed. 

You might be looking for advice on the investment of a capital sum, perhaps from an inheritance or windfall, or thinking about starting regular savings for future commitments such as school fees, university fees, care provision or such like. Whichever of the above or other investment situation you might have, you will need to ensure that:

  • this money is invested in a manner that you understand
  • you have a reasonable idea of what your investment might be worth in the future
  • you do not take any investment risks with funds needed for future purposes
  • you can decide which part of your investment can be invested for the long term to maximise returns
  • you have ready access to all or part of your funds at any time, as required
  • you have someone you can speak to from time to time concerning your investment
  • you can ‘change course’ with your investment should you wish to, or should your circumstances change

Evans Hart can offer all of the above within their Investment Management department. They can offer a variety of investment options including

  • Premium interest rates on cash
  • Fixed Interest (or Bond) Portfolios
  • Equity Portfolios
  • Mixed Asset Portfolios
  • Bespoke Portfolios

The portfolios above can utilise our standard In House portfolios– designed to give you investment returns in line with specific indices – or can use Actively Managed Portfolios with the aim of taking advantage of current perceived investment opportunities or trends. You might prefer a combination of these approaches or even wish to include investment into specific areas in which you had an interest, such as ethical investment for example.

Evans Hart can provide all of the above options for you from the point of setting up the portfolio and then onwards to managing those investments for you on an ongoing basis. The basis on which we manage these funds for you will be explained at the outset and then normally discussed with you at an annual review meeting when we will provide you with an updated valuation, progress will be considered and any changes, if necessary, recommended.

Evans Hart are generally of the opinion that a long term and consistent investment approach will maximise longer term returns.  However, this will not always be the best solution for all and please do get in touch with us so that we can discuss your needs and the way forward.