For many years, Evans Hart has been at the forefront in providing advice and ongoing management of our clients’ affairs after they have stopped working and start enjoying a hopefully long retirement. This is the one area where undoubtedly the most fundamental changes have been made in recent years, culminating in the Pensions Freedoms that came into being on 6th April 2015.

This liberalisation has, however, also come with complexity, and the scope now for pensioners to take irreversible decisions that might be to their severe detriment for their rest of their lives is now even greater than ever.

Evans Hart’s advisers have the technical and practical expertise to ensure that you do not make any of these mistakes and to give you the best advice not only now but also in the future where changes in pension rules will no doubt continue to come along on a regular basis, as they always have.

The very best solutions for income in retirement are rarely the most simple and will often involve a variety of arrangements to meet your income needs and also to try to ensure that those needs continue to be met for the rest of your life.  We can use a variety of techniques to try to achieve this, including:-

  • Segmenting your income into guaranteed and non-guaranteed pots
  • Efficient use of Income Tax allowances and tax bands
  • Using Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s) alongside pension income
  • Annual Reviews of progress and changes, to include any altered health issues

Evans Hart also appreciates that the investment approaches that you used while you were accumulating your wealth during your working life will often not remain suitable for the long term provision of income in retirement. Our advisers are developing approaches for the long term management of retirement income that takes into account the very different financial world that we now live in following the fallout from the Global Financial crisis in 2008 and the massive impact that this has had on the retirement income prospects of many.

Getting expert and ongoing financial advice in this area is now more important than ever and Evans Hart are ideally positioned to assist you.