Inheritance Tax can have a dramatic and sometimes unexpected effect on the amounts that you eventually pass on to your loved ones. We have found that no two clients are the same. Some wish to take an approach where their own planning is not adapted in any way to reduce Inheritance Tax. A few wish to build their whole financial planning exercise around ensuring that their heirs receive the maximum amount possible on their deaths.  Most will require a balanced approach to Estate Planning somewhere between these two extremes.

We will always have a conversation with our clients on Inheritance Tax Planning so that you are aware of just what might be achieved in reducing your liabilities on death. We have a wide range of solutions and ideas for those clients wishing to minimise the liabilities of their estates on death, including:-

  • Family Trusts
  • Discounted Gift Trusts
  • Loan Trusts
  • Gifts out of Income
  • Use of exemptions

The above will often involve sustained and longer term planning, but we can also offer possible solutions shorter term situations often involving the use of IHT favoured investments such as

  • Enterprise Investment Schemes
  • Bespoke Business Investment
  • Alternative Investment Market (AIM) Investments
  • Unitised Forestry Schemes

where it is possible to achieve significant IHT savings in a relatively short timeframe.

Some of the above areas are more complex than others but what is important is that our clients are made aware of what opportunities are available to them and how suitable those opportunities might be for their circumstances. We can often combine IHT efficiency within your overall financial plan but for those clients seeking advice solely on Estate Planning, we are happy to offer stand-alone advice in this area only.